Grant Partners

Proudly Announcing our 2021-2022 Grant Partners:
(for grants to be carried out in 2022)

Badael fosters transformative justice as the foundation for real and sustainable peace in Syria, by supporting organic civil society development and promoting discourses and narratives within and around the Syrian context that are rights-based, pluralistic, inclusive and that facilitate holistic truth and understanding.  Badael is a growing NGO with a large vision and several ongoing programmes and research projects encompassing peacebuilding, conflict transformation, civil society, and women’s empowerment/rights.  We are supported them with general operating funds.
2017- 2019; 2022

Caminos de Accion works in solidarity with Salvadorans to faciliate community organization in order to address locally identified challenges, including social, educational and health issues, with a focus on gender equality.  We will provide them with general operating funds, as well as funds for their Farming for the Future program.
Lander, WY

2013-2015; 2017-2019; 2022

The BlackOUT Collective is a full-service, women-led, Black direct action collective that provides on the ground support, training, and opportunities for deep space visioning in communities that prioritize the liberation of Black people. They support grassroots organizations and campaigns in crafting strategies that address anti-Blackness, win policy reform, directly challenge unjust systems, and offer resilience-centered solutions. They work to build movement capacity by making sure people are highly-informed and well-trained while being grounded in theory and collective power.  Our support is for general operations.
Oakland, CA
2021, 2022

BYP100 is a women-led, activist member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people. They do this through building a collective focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy and education using a Black queer feminist lens. They work to mobilize young Black leaders on issues including ending criminalization and dismantling the prison industrial complex, expanding and securing LGBT and women’s rights.  They run campaigns using on the ground and digital tactics toward the goal of ending the criminalization of Black youth, racial profiling, and police brutality. We are supporting them with general operating funds.
Chicago, IL
2021, 2022

Given its unique approach and high credibility among the served communities on both the national and international level, DWAG remains the only women-led, anti-atrocities organization in the field with focus on inclusion, empowerment and strengthening the voice of women. Therefore, in the next 3 years, DWAG’s top priority will be focusing on capacity building  for women both in the diaspora in the US and in Sudan and promotion of networking and alliance building, development of grassroots women movement, ultimately gearing up toward a unified women’s agenda for sustainable change in Sudan.
Washington, DC
2017-2019; 2021, 2022

FFC, the only women’s fund in this country,  is working to build communities in the Congo free from violence, where women and girls have rights to physical integrity and economic justice; where women participate in all levels of decision-making that affect their lives and communities. FFC is not only a funder of smaller CSOs but also serves to strengthen the technical and administrative capacity of beneficiary organizations.  We are supporting FFc with general operating funds.
Kinshasa, DRC
2013-2015; 2022

The mission of the Itinerant University of Haiti  (UNITE in their Spanish and Kreyol acronym) to help Haitians – especially Haitian women – break free from their literal and figurative island.  Their work addresses the problems of (a) mining and other damaging megaprojects; (b) Haitians’ historic and devastating isolation from Latin American movements; (c) the exclusion of Haitian women from political processes, both at the grassroots and nationally.  We will support their new women’s program, addressing the set of barriers that Haitian women face in being actors in movements for change.
Chiapas, Mexico and Haiti
no website yet;

For more than 20 years, the women-led Louisiana Bucket Brigade has partnered with communities just a fenceline away from industrial sites that pollute air, water and soil. Week after week, they are in these neighborhoods, helping residents amplify their voices and overcome challenges to create a healthier, pollution-free future.  For the past four years, their work has been focused on St. James Parish, the site of seven proposed facilities, including Formosa Plastics, South Louisiana Methanol, YCI and Syngas. Their primary frontline partner in this effort is RISE St. James, an organization led by African American women whose homes and ancestral land are slated to be brutally transformed into a petrochemical industrial zone.   We are supporting their general operations.
New Orleans, LA
2021, 2022

Maine Academy of Modern Music uses the power of music to inspire students, foster creative collaboration, and build community. Playing music together in a safe setting or performing for family and friends are integral to MAMM’s mission and will be resumed once the pandemic is no longer a threat to their health and well-being.  In the meantime, MAMM is taking advantage of remote learning technology and determining how best to meet the needs of current and prospective students with these online tools. We will continue to provide funding for MAMM’s new program in the Bangor area youths and other pandemic related needs.  MAMM graciously awarded the PRBB Foundation its “Foundation Partner Award” in its 2020 Community Rock Star Awards!
Portland, ME

2013-2016; 2020-2022

Medicine Bowl’s mission is to heal our relationship with the planet, the land and one another.  It is a relationship fueled queer and trans, Black and Indigenous led land-based strategy for liberation.  They are a constellation of organizers, farmers, medicine people and land stewards who believe they can nourish, feed, house & build alternative structures for for our communities and ourselves.  We are giving this group general support via BYP100.
Western NC

The mission of the Salvadoran General Circle (El Salvador Based) is to heal ourselves and our communities from some of the deep wounds of systemic violence, by building and nurturing a sisterhood of transformative community leaders through formal and informal praxis-based education in healing, peacebuilding, and group facilitation. The mission of the Decolonized Relationships Circle (US-based) is to support young women in healing themselves and their communities from the deep wounds of systemic violence, by encouraging North American communities responsible for a great deal of this violence to channel resources towards the healing and resiliency building efforts deemed most effective by the community-based, Salvadoran team.  We are supporting their first salaried team member based in El Salvador.
Indiana and El Salvador

The Omid Foundation strengthens the social, emotional, gender, educational, and economic competencies of marginalized young women in the Persian speaking world, providing them with opportunities to experience a full range of life options through self-empowerment, counseling, education, and training, so that they can overcome the traumas of their past, and not only rebuild their own lives but also play an important role in the transformation of the world around them.  We are supporting their program to improve the reproductive health  competencies of marginalized young women in Afghanistan.
Maryland, USA
2018; 2022

Our Indigenous Lifeways is women-led and serves & supports the Diné people living on Navajo Nation lands with over 356,000 enrolled members.  They invest in women-led programs and are a force for justice and community support, addressing cultural & intergenerational trauma and providing education on renewable resources, climate change, sustainability, social justice and financial/food literacy, as well as fighting the negative impacts from uranium mining.   Our funds will support them to educate their communities about the impacts of uranium, compensate their staff and purchase educational materials and supplies.
Gallup, NM
2021, 2022

Owe Aku works to bring back the Lakota way of life which includes humanity’s role in nature:  all are a part of it, not outside of it, not having dominion over it.  Owe Aku’s projects address the root causes of social and environmental injustice and are based in, led by, and accountable to communities that are most impacted.  All of their organizing efforts have always focused on women’s leadership in environmental justice, racial justice & indigenous rights.   Projects include a school, media projects and direct action efforts.  Our support is going to their general operating expenses.
Manderson, SD
2021, 2022

PWC is women-led and focused and finds ways to support, mobilize, and enable pastoral women and girls to achieve better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. They have a passionate membership base of over 6,000 pastoralist women.  PWC addresses the root causes of poverty, exclusion, and injustice by empowering women to engage in the development of their communities as equals using a rights-based approach. Our support will go to general operations, two secondary schools to improve facilities for COVID-19 prevention and core support for one of these schools.
Arusha, Tanzania
2016-2018; 2021

The mission of Winyan Wicayuonihan Oyanke, Where All Women Are Honored, is to shelter and advocate for the LGBQT+ community and victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence and sex trafficking by providing culturally relevant programs and community outreach which will contribute to social change through intervention, prevention, education and community awareness.  We are supporting their program for their elder women  to share traditional knowledge and culture with young women in the  Rapid City/Pine Ridge Indian Reservation community.
Porcupine, SD
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Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is a grassroots civil society organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of disenfranchised Afghan women and girls in Afghanistan and New York.  Their program and their clients were deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and case management numbers increased.  They adapted to doing programs safely and remotely.  We are helping to fund comprehensive case management services in WAW’s New York Community Center Case Management Program.
Fresh Meadows, NY
2020, 2021